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What we do (the why)

Finding the hidden inspiration & life in your vehicle

EURO SPORTS TUNING bring a little extra into your daily drive, a little spice into your trip to the office, or a lot of power to impress your mates. A stack of extra torque to tow that caravan for a safer trip, a flatter torque curve for better driveablity.

Power to overtake and escape dangerous situations cannot be under-estimated.

In fact, whatever your reasons, the why matters to you only, we just make it happen!

Cars light trails at night in a curve as

Our Story

At Euro Sports Tuning, we begin by diagnosing your vehicle to identify any hidden issues with the engine management system, the very heart of your vehicle. If that's not healthy, then nothing we or anybody else do will improve it until we fix those issues.

We start with a full diagnostic health check followed by a computer generated report. We then discuss & fix any potential problems with you before we proceed to the next step.

Once the ECU (Engine Control Unit) is 100% happy with all its' sensors and monitors, we then plug the laptop in, check for any updates and analyse the control system to make sure it is ready to accept the tuning files.

If all ok, we then download the files, check that all has loaded properly and test the vehicle.

During this phase it is vital that the files are loaded seamlessly and correctly. 

ECU Remapping is not just a question of downloading any old file and hoping for the best, these files are sourced from world leaders in dyno proven tuning software, and are the result of extensive testing on 4WD Dyno's finely tuned to provide a terrific increase in efficiency and performance without compromising the vehicle in any way. The vehicle manufacturers' factories, as a default, will of course have also done extensive testing in their labs to maximise the power and performance of their engines, however, this is based on a  wide variety of customers with many different needs and they have to strike a compromise between performance, economy and driveablity for everyone, but as we know, we are not like 'everyone'.

Which is where Euro Sports Tuning come in, we can custom fit a solution for your needs, whether it's simply more raw power, a flatter torque curve, better fuel economy, 'tailored driveability' or perhaps some 'crackle and pops', whatever you want to achieve, just talk to us and we'll do what we can to make it happen.

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