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IO Power Controller Module

Finding the hidden inspiration & life in your vehicle


The new multi-functional digital engine power controller from Germany offering you a low cost tuning option to our Stage Red  flash remapping.

Bring your car alive! Optimise response and reaction time from IO TUNING. The innovative wireless concept that gives you ultimate control over your vehicle power, either from a neat little remote or your phone from the free app.

No wires or components visible, totally hidden and operates via Bluetooth to your phone.


The main features

  • 4 different driving modes - each with 5 subprograms

    • traffic Mode - for relaxed heavy traffic driving

    • eco Mode    - for long cruising trips saving fuel

    • sport Mode  - for virtually instant response & great spirit!

    • extreme Mode - for racing, maximum power - instantly

  • wireless Remote Control or app based - flexible operation 

  • Auto-Ranging function - Smart calibration, plug & play.

  • Advanced security features  

    • secure Mode - disables the accelerator pedal when locked

    • valet Mode   - limits the max speed, adjustable from 10kph. 

Call 0488 377 117 for current pricing.

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The Concept

Wireless App-driven Remote-Control Power Controller


With the Android or iOS app it's easy to adjust your IO Controller at the touch of a virtual button. Select the power response you want from your vehicle on the fly, instantly. Taking driver control to the next level!

You can easily switch through the various driving modes using the app displayed on your phone. With the Mode-button you can adjust the level within that mode. It's that simple.

You can adjust each driving mode in 5 further subprograms. The selected setting is always highlighted so you know which program you have selected at any time and it stays set when you leave the car, so it's automatically programmed for when you return - brilliant.



The IO Controller Module

The controller module sits in the footwell near the accelerator pedal and plugs in-between the pedal socket and the throttle sensor wiring plug using the supplied vehicle-specific harness. Plug and Play, can be up and running in 10 minutes.

The controller has an intelligent calibration function. After installation, all the necessary information from your accelerator pedal is analysed and processed into optimised and individual maps. This means, the individual driving modes (driving programs) are automatically adapted. With this revolutionary technology, the latent potential of your vehicle (set by the manufacturer) is finally released for you to enjoy as it should have been from the factory.

In addition to the auto-ranging function, the control unit has a number of other interesting functions and setting options, for example:

  • Warm-Up timer

  • Intensity Selection

  • Security mode

  • Valet mode


Driving Modes

  • offMode

  • ecoMode

  • sportMode

  • xtremeMode

  • valetMode

  • secureMode


Too much traffic or unfamiliar environment? With this mode, you can take it easy. The reaction of your accelerator pedal is reduced - especially when starting from a standstill. Your stress level is also reduced.


Let us help you to reduce your fuel consumption and save money. This driving mode combined with an eco-driving-style can help you to save money.


This driving mode releases your cars' power restricted from the factory. Incredible response, smooth acceleration and much reduced throttle lag. Great for safer towing too.


When the sportMode just isn't enough...!!

Functional Video


Activate the secureMode and at the next start of your vehicle, your accelerator pedal will be disabled. This provides an additional security layer for your vehicle and prevents theft. The accelerator pedal will unlock as soon as the remote control or app is activated.


You don't feel comfortable handing over your vehicle to a driving service or an inexperienced driver? Then simply limit the power of your vehicle. With the valetMode you can limit the range of your accelerator pedal so that only a limited range and power is available. 

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